Items are the building blocks of all orders. They represent a grouping of variants called Item Variants.
Examples of items include: T-shirt, Mug, Poster, etc.


Item Variants are unique versions of a product, made distinct by a combination of Color and Size options. Examples of item variants are: Red XL T-shirt, 11oz White Mug.


Orders are created by sending a list of Line Items which point to an Item Variant and a list of Print Areas. In the example below, a single order contains two line items. Each line item points to an item variant, the first containing two print areas (ie. a T-shirt with a front and back design), and the second contains one print area (ie. a poster with a single design).


Each Item contains a list of available Print Areas. The optional and required print areas for each item variant can differ. For example, a 24x36 poster item variant requires that a 24x36 print area be passed, while all t-shirt variants can accept front and/or back print areas.

See the Dreamship Catalog for more information on print area keys and relevant templates.


Products and Product Variants can be thought of "designed" Items and Item Variants. They are the building blocks for building customized digital inventory.


Products can be created through the Dreamship app designer and referenced later for Order fulfillment, without needing to pass in Print Area data again.