[1.14.0] 06-14-2024

  • Shipping labels can now be added to select line items when creating orders.

[1.13.0] 10-26-2023

  • Ability to create tickets through API
  • Order
    • Added line_item_ticket information onto order

[1.12.0] 10-20-2023

  • Order
    • Added rush_production field to rush the order for an additional charge
  • Item Variant
    • Added rush_production_first_cost and rush_production_additional_cost to help calculate the costs of rush producing an order.
  • Ship Zone Method Item Variant
    • Added holiday_shipping_surcharge_cost to show the added cost of shipping an item during holiday season.

[1.11.0] 8-1-2023

  • Dreamship Plus launch
  • Breaking
    • GET /items was incorrectly using the wrong pagination wrapper class. All results should now match the rest of the API.
      {“paging”: {...}, “data”: [...]}
    • Print Areas
      • print_areas[i].cost is deprecated. Use additional_cost on Print Area if attempting to calculate print costs.
    • Ship Zones
      • All cost fields on the ship_zones[i] and ship_zones[i].ship_zones_methods[i] are deprecated on the /items/{id} endpoints. Use the v1/items/{item_id}/ship-zones endpoints to pull shipping cost data now. See the sample endpoint data above for integrating the endpoint.
      • The items/{item_id}/us-shipping-methods and items/{item_id}/international-shipping-methods endpoints are deprecated and will no longer work after Aug 6, 2023. Use the ship-zone endpoints above.
      • Ship zones have been standardized across all Items into the following “group” values:
        • us
        • us_non_contiguous
        • canada
        • australia
        • uk_and_europe
        • rest_of_world
      • Ship zone methods values are the same as before:
        • economy
        • ground
        • express
        • two_day
      • If a ship zone does not exist on an item, it is not possible to ship to those countries.
  • Item Variants
    • The cost field on the Item Variant objects are deprecated. Use the basic_cost, plus_cost, and enterprise_cost to get the product/print costs for an item variant depending on your business subscription plan. Note, pro_cost will only show up if you have a pro plan with Dreamship.

[1.10.0] 1-1-2023

  • Various fixes

[1.9.0] 11-22-2022

  • Removed shopify_shops from order read/write.
  • Removed channel_shops from order read. Use shop_products instead.

[1.8.0] 12-3-2021

  • Added X-Dreamship-Signature to webhook headers. A signature segement is a sha256 hash of an api key and the data being sent. If you have multiple api keys, X-Dreamship-Signature will be multiple segments seperated by commas.

[1.7.0] 11-16-2021

  • Added vat_number and vat_currency fields to Order, and vat_unit_value to LineItem on the Order create endpoint.

[1.6.0] 9-20-2021

  • The endpoints us-shipping and international-shipping are deprecated in favor of us-shipping-methods and international-shipping-methods. New data includes shipping methods.
  • ship_zone_methods added to ship_zones
  • Deprecated cost, delivery_days_min, and delivery_days_max on ship_zone. The ship_zone_methods now hold that information.
  • name, pattern, primary_hex, secondary_hex added to colors on product.

[1.5.0] 8-12-2021

US and International shipping tables are now available for each item.

[1.4.0] 6-11-2021

This release adds functionality for the new custom shops features along with a variety of smaller fixes and additions.


The Shop resource has been abstracted and rebuilt to support both Shopify shops and Custom shops. Custom shops allow a better way to categorize both products and orders created in the app and over the API.


  • Create Shop resource objects using Create Shop endpoint
  • Edit Shop resource objects using Update Shop endpoint. Can be used to change the name and key of object, as well as used to set the status to inactive or active.


  • shops field added to Product Create endpoint. Include a list of shop keys to publish your product to Custom or Shopify shops.
  • shop_key filter added Get Products endpoint


  • shop_key field added to Create Order endpoint. Include a shop key to associate your orders to a custom shop.
  • shop_key filter added to Get Orders endpoint

Note Products can be published to multiple shops. The order's shop relationship cannot be implicitly inferred from the product. If you want to associate an order with a custom shop you must explicitly pass the shop_key field when creating orders.

Other Additions


  • production_days_min field added
  • production_days_max field added



  • shopify_shops is deprecated. Use shops moving forward to set which shops to publish a product to.
  • channel_products is deprecated. Use shop_products to see which shops products have been published to.

[1.3.0] 3-23-2021

This minor version fixes small issues on Order subtotal cost fields .


Order subtotal_cost was previously sending discounted_subtotal_cost.
We've changed subtotal_cost field to accurately show subtotal_cost and added the discounted_subtotal_cost field to the Order object.

[1.2.0] 3-18-2021

This minor version focuses on adding new fields related to payment changes which give users better insight into order costs.


Added to Order object

  • subtotal_cost
  • paid_amount
  • refunded_amount
  • processing_cost

Added to Line Item object

  • product_cost
  • shipping_cost
  • print_cost
  • item_cost
  • discounted_item_cost
  • subtotal_cost
  • total_cost


Order costs

The costs field on the order object is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version release. Use the total_cost field instead.

[1.1.0] 2-2-2021

This minor version adds new endpoints for Dreamship catalog items, allowing users to browse catalog data, availability and pricing.


  • New Item endpoint.
  • New Category endpoint. Includes additional category/item endpoint.